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Weekly Meditation


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: A trip into imagination

Today I spent the day at Universal Studio. The day was just as about as perfect as any day could be. It was warm, slightly cloudy with a gentle breeze. The park was filled with people, but certainly not over crowded. The lines at the rides moved quickly and, I have to say, the rides […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: The man with the fancy clothes

We have just finished the Christmas season, a season among other things that is a season of gift giving. As we know gifts come in all shapes and sizes and some of the very best gifts are those that can not be wrapped, they are gifts of love and grace. They are simple moments of […]

mother_and_daughter hands

Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Remembrance of Grace

The Christmas season elicits memories for most of us, well at least it does for me and those memories are usually of Christmas past. This year, in a bit of quiet time, another memory came floating into my prayers. It is the memory of my dark green coat. This was no ordinary coat, it had […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Hope vs. Sorrow

Sorrow is everywhere, It waits to swallow us up, It is the shadows; The clouds that block the sun. Sorrow is ever so quiet, Waiting for the right moment, to darken our world, and remove the very stars from the sky. It can be huge, and shatter the very ground that we stand on; It […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Presenting to you these gifts

Last Sunday several people asked for the monastic bread recipe that we use at church for communion each week. You will find the directions for the bread following this short story which is part of the graced history of the Sullivan family. Baron and Harley, who are our two oldest grandsons, were staying with us […]