Doreen Putnam leads the Adult Education @ 9:15am on 11/2 & 11/9 for a workshop on Alzheimer’s and Dementia
We welcome all for Christian worship, fellowship and service, trusting God to transform our lives and the world.

Weekly Meditation


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: The Communion of Saints

Our connections with the communion of saints is more than memories; the communion of saints is an integral part of who we are and how we are shaped. The saints who have gone before us, memories embedded into our being, that gives us a glimpse of the love of God our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Wandering in the desert and wondering

Israelites wandered in the desert and sometimes they were scared and filled with anxiety and sometimes the anxiety got the best of them, thus the building of a golden calf. The Israelites are not the only people who suffered from fear and anxiety or wandered in a desert; we all do from time to time […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: The Divine Hand of God

“The Divine Hand of God” by Maryalice Sullivan Autumn brings it own kind of magic Green leaves turn into golden bouquets laced with various shades of red The sky becomes a deeper blue our earth is alight with color The beauty of the days are enhanced by the night sky Stars, so many stars and […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: More, more and more.

This week Jesus has another story for us, this one has to do with justice and what we perceive as justice and what God sees. The story is about the workers in the field. One puts in a full day, another a partial day, another a few hours and the last only an hour yet […]