Church Beyond the Walls comes to Epiphany @ 10:30 on this Sunday! Come be a part of it!
We welcome all for Christian worship, fellowship and service, trusting God to transform our lives and the world.

Weekly Meditation


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Hope vs. Sorrow

Sorrow is everywhere, It waits to swallow us up, It is the shadows; The clouds that block the sun. Sorrow is ever so quiet, Waiting for the right moment, to darken our world, and remove the very stars from the sky. It can be huge, and shatter the very ground that we stand on; It […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Presenting to you these gifts

Last Sunday several people asked for the monastic bread recipe that we use at church for communion each week. You will find the directions for the bread following this short story which is part of the graced history of the Sullivan family. Baron and Harley, who are our two oldest grandsons, were staying with us […]


Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: The Touch of God

Moses is looking for some certainty from God, just help me out here, let me know that all this wandering in the desert is actually leading us somewhere and that we are going in the right direction. He is asking for reassurance. I know for myself that there are many times I am looking for […]